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From the Associate Vicar

"Winter is icummen in..." wrote Ezra Pound, "Raineth drop and staineth slop, And how the wind doth ramm!" Alright, at the moment we have more Autumn bright and crisp days before "Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us," but the darkening days and bite in the air brings no good news to those amongst us who may struggle with heating bills or indeed have no safe, warm place to shelter.

This Sunday, churches around the nation will mark Homelessness Sunday. At 10am, The Revd Sophie Young, Chaplain to the Homeless and Streetlife Community, will be our guest preacher, helping us reflect on Christian responses to homelessness. I very much hope you can join us for this special service. And if you read on in the eMag, you'll see several ways you can volunteer with other members of Great St Mary's in working with our homeless and streetlife community here in Cambridge.

We've two amazing preachers this coming Sunday, in fact!

The first University Sermon of the academic year takes place at 11.30am, delivered by the inimitable Bishop

Rose Hudson-Wilkin. The Jamaican-born Bishop of Dover and former Chaplain to the Speaker, Bp Rose is a powerful preacher and we're looking forward to her University Sermon, no matter the weather. The Lucy Cavendish Singers will be our choir for this University service, and all are welcome.


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