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Heritage and Sustainability

Alongside being a place where people come to live out their faith in the present, Great St Mary’s has a long history on which to look back. There is also a future that we are moving towards. We all have a responsibility to learn from the past, and think about how we might help to shape the future with our actions. Our Education Programme aims to increase knowledge of the Christian faith and the heritage of this church, while also promoting greater understanding of sustainability and related topics. This is part of the church’s mission to care for God’s creation, taking seriously our responsibility to safeguard the environment for future generations.   

You can use the dropdown options on this tab to visit sections on Christian Faith, Heritage, and Sustainability. While some of the resources being developed here will be particularly helpful to those involved in teaching school-age students, they are designed to be used by everyone. We aim to add to these pages regularly as our work on the Education Programme develops. If there are any topics that you would like to see us cover, please let our Education Officer know – she can be contacted at Natalie is interested in working with school teachers and home educators to learn how we can best support your teaching.

Information regarding school visits can be found at

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