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From the Associate Vicar

Anyone remember the great Cole Porter song 'Too Darn Hot'? I suspect that's going to be my earworm for the next week, as the temperatures climb into the high 30's.

Although weather is different from climate, the trend of hot summers and extreme weather is an unmistakable sign of man-made climate change. And as Christians we are called to watch for such signs (Matthew 16.3 and Luke 12.56 come to mind); paying attention to the signs of the natural world around us can train our hearts and minds to see the greater signs of both wonder and judgement which God has placed before us.

And we are called to act. When it's hot, we know to stay in the shade. We know to water plants in containers in the evening, even to bring a bucket of bathwater out to a neighbourhood tree. And we know to check in with neighbours who are elderly or living alone. And so perhaps, as signs of climate change emerge around us we're called to act in other ways as well — to reduce our carbon footprint, to live lightly and humbly in this beautiful creation that God has blessed us with.

The high temperatures this weekend won't stop us from prayer and from song, however. I hope you'll be able to join us at 5pm on Sunday for a special Evensong, at which we'll celebrate our choirs and musicians -- including the 25th anniversary of Sam Hayes, our Director of Music, becoming a church musician. Now that sounds like a cool occasion!

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