Music at Great St Mary's

For centuries, the University Church has been a special place for music in the heart of Cambridge. With five choirs (including the one of the first girls' choir in England), two pipe organs, an orchestra, bell ringers, and more, we're also one of the largest performance spaces in Cambridge. 

We'd love to hear from you, whether you are looking to audition for one of our choirs or orchestra, or would like to learn more about concerts at Great St Mary's. Please do be in touch!

(Photo (c) Martin Bond, A Cambridge Diary)

Image by Joel Wyncott


Great St Mary's is not only a beautiful medieval church, it's also one of the largest non-collegiate perfermonace venues in Cambridge. 

Friday Lunchtime Concerts

We host a series of lunchtime concerts on a Friday from 1-2pm

For more information, or to apply to perform, please contact us at lunchtimeconcerts@gsm.cam.ac.uk 


Academy of Great St Mary's

26 September at 7.30pm

Join us for a wonderful programme with Mendelssohn’s: Fingal’s Cave Overture, then continuing the sea theme with Pounds: Interludes from Syn’ from the opera written and performed in 2005, followed by Haydn’s: ‘London’ Symphony.



Great St Mary's has a full ring of 12 bells (plus a flat 6th), donated in celebration of the 900th anniversary of the founding of the University.  We're home to the original Cambridge Quarters, composed in 1793 and often misnamed the Westminster Chimes, the familiar ding-dong-ding-dong quarter-hour chime, imitated by Westminster Palace and doorbells around the world. 

The Society of Cambridge Youths has been ringing the bells at the University Church since 1724,  and is the second oldest ringing society at any church in the world with a continuous history of its ringing — as well as a welcoming community with a keen interest in teaching bell ringing.