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From the Junior Curate

Thank you for your ministry

About 50 eMagsago, I wrote my first piece for this illustrious publication. In it I reflected that clergy have as much to learn from others as to teach.

Deacons and priests are sometimes seen as expert Christians with greater spiritual wherewithal than your average pew-taker. But really they are charged with responsibilities that are imperative for all God’s people: to announce Christ’s kingdom, to proclaim the Gospel, to serve the community, to search out the poor and to offer the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. These are lessons through which all Christ’s followers are schooled to full personhood, and we are taught by observing and emulating, encouraging and influencing one another.

The Forerunners of Christ with saints and martyrs, Fra Angelico (National Gallery, London)

In just over a week’s time I will have my last day at Great St Mary’s, before I go on paternity leave and then continue my curacy in October at St Andrew’s, Cherry Hinton. Although my time here has been relatively short (exceedingly short by comparison to some of you!), I am profoundly grateful to every one of you for your kindness and friendship, for what you have taught me about life and faith, and for your ministry and witness to the love of God in Cambridge. It has been a great privilege to get to know you and to learn from your example and experience.

I will be very sad to leave Great St Mary’s, but I trust that God will continue to draw you closer in love and transform you from one degree of glory to another. I am praying for you and your future; please pray for me, too.

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